Today was the day we planned our layout of the wooden 2x4's for the base and other parts. Unfortunately we do not have enough wood to satisfy both the catapult and trebuchet. We are going to go back to Home Depot to purchase more wood. We also marked the wood with the dimensions we need to cut to accurately build the machines.

Solidworks 2

Week 5: 3/14/2018

Today we redesigned the Catapult to guarantee that it will work the way we want it to. Our design will include large rubber bands that will create power to launch the object. We will pull the arm back into a stable position and lock it in and release when we are ready to fire the catapult. The Trebuchet is almost the same but will be using weights instead of a rubber band.

Week 5: 3/12/2018

On Thursday 3/8/2018 we went to home depot to purchase the wood and it went well. This was a lot of wood because we are building a Trebuchet and a Catapult. We hope to begin building next week if we get approved by Mr Martin. Our design for the Catapult was not up to par because our source of energy was not going to work. The Trebuchet design was good but we have to change the Catapult. Our design for the Catapult will be using Torsion. A rope will be wrapped around the arm of the catapult to create Torque and will be released.

Week 4 3/8/2018

This was another day of design and creation preparation that will help us for the following weeks to come. All of these days will get us one step closer to the building stage and will allow us to do it in the most efficient way possible. We are buying the materials for both the catapult and trebuchet today which is Thursday 3/8/2018.…

Week 4 3/6/2018

Today we did additional research on the creation of the Catapult and Trebuchet that we will be making. This includes a finalized design, dimensions, materials, and our plan. Solidworks is completed and blogs are up to date. Hopefully when building these it goes smoothly and will work how we expect it too. Our main goal is just trying to make it function and then try to make it function at its best capacity.

Week 3: 3/2/2018

Today we had a discussion about the materials we will be using to build our catapult and trebuchet. This Sunday we will go to purchase all the wood, screws, and metal parts necessary to complete the construction of them both. We've already completed the SolidWorks and designs, so now we're awaiting the heads up from Mr. Martin to begin construction after we purchase the parts.